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Filter Pads for Buon Vino SUPER Jet Filter - #2 Polishing

Filter Pads for Buon Vino SUPER Jet Filter - #2 Polishing

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#2 POLISHING FILTER PADS (MICRON 1.8) - (3/PKG) The #2 Pads are Polishing Pads and they remove medium to small particulate in your wine and add the shine to your wine.


BUON VINO SUPER JET FILTER PADS – The Mini Jet Filter is a 3-pad filtering system with 3 different grades of pads available to use. All Filter Pads inserted into the Buon Vino Filter Machine MUST be of the same grade. For effective filtering, you cannot mix grades. Wine has different sizes of suspended particulate and will vary greatly depending on the type of wine produced. Buon Vino provides 3 grades of pads to remove specific micron-sized particulate corresponding to the need.

**Please Ask a Fine Wines & Winemaking Associate for help choosing the right grade pads to filter your wines!

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