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Mash Paddles

Mash Paddles

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MASH PADDLES FOR HOME BREWING - High-quality mash paddles for your mash-stirring needs!

#4672 - 28" MAPLE MASH PADDLE FROM BREWER'S BEST® - Stir your brewer's mash in style! The Brewer's Best® 28" mash paddle is made from untreated Michigan hard maple, cut within 150 miles of Devereaux Saw Mill located in Ionia County. They are left raw and untreated, meaning no chemicals, oils or stains to contaminate your brews.

#4674 - 30" STAINLESS STEEL MASH PADDLE FROM POLAR WARE - This heavy-duty mash paddle will help brew your biggest and best beers! 30" length with holes for better stirring action.

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