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*NEW! Wacky Cracker Seasoning Mix - Elephant Ear

*NEW! Wacky Cracker Seasoning Mix - Elephant Ear

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ELEPHANT EAR WACKY CRACKER SEASONING MIX - Do you remember when mom or grandma would use the left over pie dough to cinnamon sugar it and bake it as a treat?  This taste just like that!  Elephant ears come from the midwest where they sell large fried doughs that are cinnamon and sugared.  As a kid it looked as big as an “elephant ear”.  We thought everyone grew up with them, we did!

No msg. No artificial flavors or color, turn an everyday saltine into a savory gourmet delight with our wacky cracker seasoning. Each packet contains 1 one ounce of seasoning blend. Easy to prepare with no baking and virtually no cleanup, you will be the hit of your next party or family gathering.

Simply place spice blend into a 1-gallon zip-top bag, add 1/2 c of canola oil, squeeze the bag a few times to blend the spice with the oil.

Add one 11 oz box of mini saltines or 2 sleeves of regular saltines. Close bag and toss several times to distribute the oil mixture, leaving in as much air as possible. Let sit for 15-20 minutes then toss the bag again to redistribute the spice blend. Continue to toss bag every 20-30 minutes until oil is completely absorbed. The best flavor will occur after resting overnight.

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